Medical Records Request Policy

General Guidelines

  1. Request for a specific lab work or report: Upon a request for specific lab tests and/or notes for a specific date, a copy will be made and provided by fax, email (encrypted) or hard copy. Fax and email requests require the fax number or email address be provided/verified at the time of request.
  2. Request for a complete medical record: A complete medical record will be provided in hard copy only.  This is to be picked up at Lee Gynecology by the patient or designated representative or to be mailed via U.S. Mail for a prepaid $10 (by credit card or check).
  3. Request for a second copy: After the first free complete medical record, subsequent copies will be provided in hard copy form for a prepaid $25 each (by credit card or check) for pick up at Lee Gynecology or for an additional prepaid $10 each if delivered by U.S. Mail.

Contents of a Complete Medical Record

A complete medical record includes all notes and results of blood and urine testing at one of our affiliated laboratories such as Legacy, LabCorp or Quest. In addition, any infection testing or biopsy or other tissue samples such as Pap and HPV testing results will be included. Imaging reports of ultrasounds at Lee Gynecology and mammograms at other facilities ordered by Dr. Lee are included.

The following will not be included:

  1. Other imaging reports such as MRIs, CT scans and x-rays performed at hospitals and facilities such as Epic Imaging, Women’s Imaging and Siker Medical Imaging.  These reports must be obtained directly from the particular facility.
  2. Medical records of any kind not ordered by Dr. Lee from other medical facilities, such as previous surgical and pathology reports, lab work and consultations. Those records are typically stored in the EPIC electronic health record system, which is accessible by most medical offices. However, some facilities such as Compass Oncology and Epic Imaging do not use the Epic electronic health record system. (Please note that Epic Imaging is completely separate from the Epic electronic health record system) and those records need to be obtained directly.
  3. Any actual lab reports from testing at any Providence facility since Providence does not provide an electronic link to the electronic health record (Practice Fusion) used by Lee Gynecology. All testing ordered by Dr. Lee is detailed in the complete medical record but the actual reports need to be obtained directly from Providence or in MyChart or in the Epic electronic health record system.

Receipt of Medical Record

The patient (or patient’s representative) will sign and date a statement acknowledging receipt of medical record.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email your concern to

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