Genetic Screening for Gene-Causing Birth Defects

Genetic Screening for Birth Defects at Lee Gynecology In Portland, OR

Getting tested for genetic disorders that increase the risk of birth defects and cancer is simple, safe and protected from discrimination by law.
– Dr. Michael J. Lee

Screening and molecular testing for genetic diseases have become indispensable tools for Dr. Lee. Genes are related to reproductive disorders, birth defects, common diseases and cancer.  With improved molecular technology and genetic testing tools, new options for treatment and prevention are becoming routine medical practice.

Before Conception and During Pregnancy

Prenatal or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and carrier detection can be achieved through advances in genetic technology, making genetic testing tools widely available to obstetrics and gynecology physicians (OBGYNs). Using this technology, OBGYNs like Dr. Lee can test for specific genetic disorders and offer genetic counseling options to couples at risk for reproductive disorders because of family history or ethnicity. If genetic counseling is indicated, couples will get information on:

  • Risks, cost, accuracy and limitations of genetic testing
  • Availability of pre- and postnatal testing
  • Their specific risk for carrying a gene and having a child with the disorder
  • Inheritance patterns and their risks or implications for family members
  • History of the disorder and available treatments
  • A couple’s reproductive options

If you’re a couple interested in molecular genetic testing and identifying your reproductive risk, getting a thorough family history is crucial. Genetic tests using a blood sample are offered to individuals and couples considered at high risk based on family medical history.

Genetic testing can also be conducted on cells collected from amniocentesis (fluid surrounding the growing fetus in the uterus) or through chorionic villus sampling (done during early pregnancy, typically between 10 and 12 weeks).

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